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We Grant Credit Reasonably.
We enjoy doing business with companies with great payment credit history. We are very careful in selling to companies with little or bad payment credit history. Unless they are willing to pay on a COD basis, our new customers are all required to submit a credit application to us. Pending our decision on their credit application, which usually takes one to two weeks of time, our new customers are required to pay cash for their first order. Of course, there are always exceptions. Feel free to call us at 626-856-8888 to have a consultation with us.

While we would require that our new customers use our standard credit application form below, we also accept some new customers’ own credit application form if they have been in business for years and their credit information is available in certain popular public databases.


If your business has been in active business for less than three consecutive years,
please provide the name of the business owner and his/her driver's license number.

The Applicant Company's Official Address


Authorization and Credit Terms & Conditions
The undersigned is authorized by the applicant company to make this credit application on its behalf and certifies that all information given above is accurate and true.
The undersigned, on behalf of the applicant company, authorizes Taurus Spice, Inc. to contact the bank reference and trade references he/she provided above for all necessary credit information it needs to make a decision on this application.
The undersigned, on behalf of the applicant company, understands that cash on delivery (C.O.D.) may be required prior to establishing credit and that, if credit is granted, it may be revoked for any reason without notice.
The undersigned, on behalf of the applicant company, accepts that Taurus Spice, Inc. may charge the applicant company a processing fee of $25 for any checks returned unpaid by its banks for any reasons.
The undersigned, on behalf of the applicant company, accepts that the applicant company will compensate Taurus Spice, inc. for any costs, expenses and attorneys' fees that Taurus Spice, Inc. may have incurred to collect any sums past due on its account.

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